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December 15, 2006

"hey guys, great site to visit! Pictures look wonderful. We like your blog too! Keep up the good work. Love to you all."

Kerry, Tammy and Mia - New Haven, PEI
September 25, 2006

"Hey Dale - finally checked out your "house" homepage. What a great project! Looks like you folks have built yourselves a little piece of paradise. We'll have to stop in sometime.

Thanks again for coming to see the Dust Poets at Baba's. We were quite
amazed with our warm reception on the Island and can't wait to come back for another show.

Take care and I hope to see you again soon.
Best, Corey"

Corey Ticknor - Sackville, NB
March 29, 2005

"I may have to leave this beautiful province. If I do build on PEI, your information is invaluable. I will keep your information on file. Good luck with your lives."

Dee Dalton - Victoria, BC
June 15, 2003

"Hi, I live up the road, welcome neighbours. We are building sometime soon, Thanks for the info. Your place looks very peaceful."

Sue - Bonshaw, PEI
January 26, 2003

"Dale: Great site! Hope to see you soon."

Kevin Hayward - Toronto, Ontario
January 26, 2003

"To Dale & Sandy, Congradulations on the addition! Enjoy, Aunt Marg"

Marg MacKinnon - Lindsay, Ontario
November 10, 2001

"Thank you for your very informative w-site. We will be building next spring in South Rustico. I would love to see your house and talk to you before then. Thanks again."

Wylie Hall - Charlottetown
August 30, 2001

"Aloha! I finally stopped by. Great website! It was great to see the house in person. I'll look forward to keeping up with all your projects."

Eric Mathis - Island Paradises
July 23, 2001

"I wish I could tell you to put the kettle on for me too! Thanks for sending me the link. You have done a great job describing the house and how it functions. I look forward to seeing more. And more of Riley too."

Andrea Ledwell - Toronto
July 15, 2001

"Looks great. Put on the kettle. We are on our way. Lots of love, Dave and Laverne."

Laverne and Dave - Edmonton
June 5, 2001

"Hey guys, Nice looking house! Glad it's all done."

Susan Arbing - Halifax
May 31, 2001

"Way to go! You're doing it right."

mike stone - parts unknown
May 30, 2001

"Loved seeing your new home. It will be nice to see it for real this summer. Very interesting, especially the the low/no electric or heating bills."

Marilyn Elliott - Orillia
May 30, 2001

"Just took a quick look at your site. It looks great!! Congratulations on
following thru so far with your beliefs and enjoying the process. Not sure
I'll get to the Island this summer, but if I do, I'll be sure and stop by."

Rick Sutherland - Toronto, Canada
May 29, 2001

"Great to get all this information. And I really WILL get to see it sometime! Love fran"

Fran - Roseberry, PEI
May 29, 2001

"Hi. Nice web site. Love, Mom"

Mom - Whim Road, PEI

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